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PJ Condit – Lead Minister

PJ Condit has been with Community since 2004, when he was brought on to lead the Student Ministry. He and his wife Kimberly love Round Rock and serving our city. They have been married since 2000 and have 2 college aged children, Morgan and Caleb. PJ enjoys being outdoors, kayaking and fishing with friends, playing guitar, and trying out new places to eat. He has a BA in Bible and Ministry from Dallas Christian College, an MA in Biblical Interpretation from Lubbock Christian University, and is working on a DMin in Strategic Ministry Leadership from Liberty University.

Caleb Garrett – Family Discipleship Minister

Graduating from Dallas Christian College in 2022, Caleb is eager to get started sharing the Gospel with the people of the Austin area. If you asked Caleb to describe himself in one word he would say “nerd”. Whether it is Pop Culture, Classic Rock, or the Bible, Caleb is all in on diving into what he loves. whether going to the midnight premiere of movies or playing drums to his favorite bands. nothing compares to diving into God’s word. whether preaching or getting headaches from Hebrew. Caleb loves it! Caleb is super excited to see what God has in store for his ministry in Round Rock.

Autumn Powell – Worship Leader

Autumn is from Amarillo, Texas and has been singing on worship teams since she was in middle school. In 2023 she graduated from Bayside College, a Bible College located in Bradenton, Florida. She felt God’s call to serve in worship for Round Rock, and loves serving the people of CCC. She loves God, music, and hanging out with people.

CoCo Boyer – Office Administrator

CoCo Boyer joined CCC in 2020 when she and her husband, Bud, relocated from Portland, Oregon. They now live in Sun City in Georgetown. They were married in 2015 and CoCo has three grown sons (from previous marriage). CoCo enjoys quilting, kayaking, square dancing and biking. “I worked most of my life and retired in 2015 but am now enjoying part-time working for the church. We have found a warm wonderful community of friends here at CCC.”