Will Shields, January 7, 2024 - 5:22 pm

Can you please pray for me and my best friend?
Names are
Charles “Will” Shields
Darcy Ladue
I know we need the prayers. We are in a transition not knowing God's full plan. May our relationship with other grow stronger,

I will tell you the back story. Me and Darcy met at Peace Mental Hospital/ OLOP getting help for both of our mental health. Darcy was first from another unit before they brought her into the unit I was in. I first said Hi, how are you doing and feeling. Then we started talking and we became almost inseparable. Darcy helped me get through my toughest time. I had no hope in my life and was losing hope in people. I offered her to be my roommate in the hospital. I lost my home with my brother and was sent to Shelbyville ky. I was put in a place called Colonial Hall Manor Personal Care Home. I was there for three weeks trying to fight to get back to Louisville. I got back to Louisville the day before Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve Darcy and I hung out The day after Christmas she wanted to be my roommate. She was my roommate for a few days until we found out her father in Tennessee sold her out to put an eviction on her name. So, then we couldn't be together. I found out a few days ago she is leaving. Darcy is going to California. If you can't tell, Darcy saved my life at Peace. I love her very much and will do everything to make sure she is happy, and safe. I love Darcy. Darcy is the most beautiful woman on the outside and the inside. She is positive 100 percent of the time. I feel amazing whenever I’m with her.